Nordic Game Expo 2021


Nordic Game, Europe’s largest games industry conference, is growing! With a new consumer-oriented hybrid event in Malmö, Sweden, we share the excitement of making games with a much wider audience!

Playing games is fun, but creating them is even more exciting!

Important Information


NG21 Autumn, 2–5 November:

Games industry B2B conference & expo

Nordic Game Expo 2021, 5-7 November:

B2C games program and expo for the general public (Swedish school break 1-7 November)


MalmöMässan Expo and Conference center in Malmö, Sweden

10 min from Malmö Central station at Hyllie station

15 min from Copenhagen Airport

Audience Targets and Milestones

2021: 10,000 attending

2025: 25,000 attending

25% yearly attendance growth

A top 10 B2C games event in Europe

Learn about the Nordic games industry

Openness, equality and inclusion

Technical creativity and artistic freedom

Skills needed by growing games companies

Games engaging all of society

Regions and municipalities, organisations, schools, suppliers and financiers

A clearly identified job-creating sector for Malmö, Skåne and the entire Oresund region


Nordic Game Universe, a similar event in 2016 with Nordic Game as a partner, gathered 13,000 participants

Nordic Game conference and expo in May 2019 gathered 2,500 participants

Three Nordic Game conference online editions in 2020-2021 have each gathered 1,500 – 2,000 participants

Our Partners

Visitor Profiles and Goals

NG Open Expo Jobs NGDC Exec
Taking the first steps into the exciting world of making games
Meeting the developers behind the games and playing their games
Learning about the tools needed to create games
Learning about study and career paths into the games industry
Learning about job opportunities in the games industry
Learning about business and investment opportunities in the games industry
Learning about the strategic, regional importance of the games sector
Meeting decision-makers in the Nordic games industry

Exhibitor Profiles and Goals

Game Studios

Direct player feedback, word-of-mouth marketing and regional visibility


Visibility, meeting new students for your game development education

Games Related Businesses

Direct user feedback, word-of-mouth marketing and regional visibility

Regional Representatives and Investors

Meeting game studios, schools and related businesses

Playing games is fun, but creating them is even more exciting!


Guide [Expected attendees/X/X]
I = Invitation only
O = Open to the public (entrance fee)
F = Pre-registration required
PM = Only for professionals or members
2 TUESDAY NG Talents [1,000/F] Pitches, meetings for companies, investors Nordic Game Exec[50/I] Decision-makers in the Nordic games industry Games Capital Summit[50/I] Pitches, meetings for companies, investors
3 WEDNESDAY Nordic Game Expo 2021 [2,000/O] B2C games program and expo: Game studios, regional showcases, schools and games related businesses (software/hardware & services), direct game/product/service feedback, word-of-mouth marketing, regional visibility, direct and long-term recruitment, business, support & funding opportunities, 30+ exhibitors NG21 Autumn [1,000/F/PM] B2B conference and expo: Regional, European and Global games industry participants, 100+ speakers, meeting platform, networking activities
5 FRIDAY Nordic Game Discovery Contest [200/O] Pitch contest finals & awards show, online and at the venue Nordic Game Jobs [1,000/O] Job seekers and students meet employers and educations, expo, talks, single-day courses, and seminars with individual meetings Nordic Game Open seminars [300/O] Games industry in a strategic view, insights and outlook for all stakeholders, in talks, seminars and individual meeting Malmö Game Week [1,000/F/PM/O] Esports, LAN, game jams, board games, wargames, role play: In adjacent venue, ticket also valid for Nordic Game Expo

Participation Options

There are many ways you can become a part of Nordic Game Expo, reaching thousands of games industry professionals and/or games enthusiasts and future game developers:

Expo NG Open NG Autumn
Expo booth in the venue at B2B Nordic Game conference and/or B2C Nordic Game Expo
Partner talks, workshops, events and general visibility and messaging
MeetToMatch online booking system meetings, remote or in the venue, including visibility
Expo and program tickets for you, your family, your department, your company/organisation and students from your area
And much more...

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Peter Eyermann

Director of partnerships and

business development

Cäthe Green

Nordic Game Expo producer

Vidya Ernstsson

NG Open producer

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Game Events AB a joint venture of Nordic Game Resources AB and Numera Mässor AB